21 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday... or else not so much

I realize I've been slacking on my blog entries, but I've been trying to sort of rebuild my blog to some extent and I got so sick of looking at it that I just haven't been able to bring myself to actually write anything.  Meanwhile, there are other reasons... you know, like life in general, cooking, laundry, my kid pulling the ENORMOUS dictionary off the living room shelf, turning it wrong-side out and then attacking my computer when I go to put it away.

Stuff like that.

Regarding the rebuilding of my blog, though.  Don't even get me started on how frustrated I have become with it.  I realize that now it looks boring only with 3 columns and a crappy looking header, but I refuse to work on it anymore for a while.  Not that I think there are too
 many folks actually even looking at my blog, much less reading it.


So, yeah... this is a poor start to a Wordless Wednesday post considering it's been nothing but words so far.  I do have a plan, though! I've been kinda depressed (not really) because the sun has been shining and it's been so pretty outside the past few days, but it's still like REALLY cold.  I've really been jonesin' for some springtime, so I thought I'd post some pictures of my flowers from past years.  That way at least my blog can actually look full on springy.

So, without further adieu...

...orrrrrrrr maybe I won't since my network is being stupid and not letting me connect to my picture folder.

Best laid plans...

OH WAIT! I just remembered I do happen to have 1 little picture on my desktop that I copied over for other reasons that I think would be perfect for this post:

If anybody is out there reading this... know what this is? Care to venture a guess?