16 January 2009

some stuff you need to know

First of all and most importantly, I have never read this blog, but apparently its author Kelly just gave birth to a baby girl who is in desperate need of prayer.  If you're reading this, take a minute to hop over there, catch yourself up on the situation, and whisper a prayer to our almighty God.


Second and all (and much more trivially), if you're shopping for kitschy fabric patterns that you probably aren't going to find in many piece goods departments, please dash on over to Etsy and do your shopping with Down Shadow Lane and Fabric Affinity.  They have the most awesomely amazing selection and the gal who runs both shops is ever so nice and helpful (especially to big dorks who don't know how to use Etsy properly... cough cough).  So, yes, do all that stuff I just said.


Third of all (and probably even more trivially), I dreamed last night that I was about to marry George Strait (at least I'm reasonably certain he was George Strait) and that I already had a baby girl by him.  Let's just name off some reasons why this is odd starting with the most obvious:

1. Uh, I'm married to, ya know, MY HUSBAND... and as far as I know most married people don't marry anybody else, award-winning country star for the past century or not.
2. Even if I weren't married, how utterly out of character is it that I would have a child with someone to whom I'm not married?
3. The fact that in the dream I wasn't totally certain of his identity, which most people do at least a little research on before agreeing to marry someone.
4.  The fact that in the dream I wasn't totally certain of his identity and I had a child by him.  Is skanky the word I'm looking for here? I think yes.
5. The child in the dream was a GIRL, which the kiddo most certainly is not.  If I wasn't sure before today, the peeing in the floor TIMES 2 should reaffirm my knowledge.  Doesn't that just seem like a boy thing to do?
6. George Strait is definitely old enough to be my dad.  I looked it up on Wikipedia.
5. I've never even thought of George Strait as even remotely attractive... until now.  Go figure.

I'm sure there's a laundry list of other reasons why this is odd and disturbing, but to be honest my memory of the dream is getting a little foggy.  The only thing I remember very clearly about it at all is that he had a really nice truck... which was probably the only accurate thing in the dream because I'm sure George Strait does have a really nice truck.  Oh, and I remember he had extremely blue eyes... oh brother.

Ah, weird unexplainable dreams... just another treasure of pregnancy.

Goodnight, ya'll.