05 January 2009

Not me Monday!

Well, this is my first time not me-ing after happening upon the fabulously fun MckBlog My Charming Kids.  And since I feel obligated to give credit where credit is due (and because it's awesome), I wouldn't have happened upon this blog at all had it not been for the Angie Smith's amazing blog... which I most certainly do not check obsessively.

To get this started, I have not been using the same kleenexes to wipe mine and my son's noses because I was too lazy and felt too much like death warmed over to bother getting up to get a different one.  And for the record, my husband did not say that he refused to bring me another kleenex if I was going to use the same one for both of us again.

Furthermore, I did not lay on the couch all day yesterday and do absolutely nothing unless my kid was hungry or it was time for his medicine.  And the extent of my interaction with him absolutely was not "Blue's Clues or Veggietales?" Besides all that I definitely did not miss both church services :c(

Oh and, I did not spend all of yesterday exploring the amazing textures of pizza, White Castle burgers, and powdered sugar donuts.  It would have been so silly and pointless to eat all that considering I can't taste a darn thing.

And unfortunately, since the evils of sicklihood have invaded our home for the last week... I don't have any other shameful things to say I haven't done because I haven't really done... anything.  Well, other than blow my nose and look generally like some mixture of Medusa and a stoner.

But to break the rules just a scoche, I'm pleased to say that I AM starting to feel better.  And I'm thankful for that.