31 January 2009

the subsequent pregnancy

Nobody told me that subsequent pregnancies got boring a lot faster than first ones.  That must be one of those details they deliberately leave out of pregnancy books.

I think I allowed myself one blog post solely about pregnancy while I was expecting the kiddo, so I guess this will be my token preggo blog.  Or not if I decide I want to write about it again.  The other pregnancy blog post happened on some other blog that has since disbanded... sorry.  It may be around here somewhere, but I don't feel like looking for it at 5 minutes 'til 1 AM on Sunday morning.  Why I choose to write at these times I'll never know.

Why allow myself only one? Because if I let myself I would drone on and on and on about how much weight I gained this month as opposed to last month and how that probably happened because I'd been having a snack before bed every night and how much my feet hurt when I get up out of bed and how sometimes it feels like there's an elephant sitting on my pelvis and... well, this is why I refuse to let myself write about it hardly at all because it's so much fun for me to share details.  After the kiddo was born I don't even want to think about how many times I rehashed the entire process from trying to pee in a cup around a pregnant belly, hospital gown, and 2 different monitor cords to cleaning that brownish antiseptic stuff out of my bellybutton.... to pretty much anybody who would listen and sometimes more than once since I couldn't remember who I'd told and who I hadn't because I was so drugged and sleep deprived.  And now I've practically done it again.  See? I'm insatiable.

But anyway, back to the subsequent pregnancy.

The good news is several things actually since this one has been so smooth sailing so far.  I haven't swollen at all, which probably has everything to do with the fact that it's not 400 degrees outside.  I haven't gained very much weight AT ALL, which has everything to do with some miracle that I don't understand since I have only recently restrained myself from eating everything that isn't held on with brackets or nailed to the floor.  I told my doctor this and she pretty much said, "Hey, just go with it" (paraphrased loosely for readability).  I should also add that I'm not severely uncomfortable and I can still move around without the assistance of a forklift (for now).

After the kiddo was born and I managed to get skinny again, I discussed my pregnancy weight gain with the hubby.  I guess he figured it was safe since I was pretty much back to my old self and his comment was something along the lines of, "DANG!"

So not cool.

I'm withholding comment on my overall looks during pregnancy #2 since I went all through the kiddo's pregnancy thinking I looked pretty darn fantastic and then when I saw pictures afterward I realized that all those guys were not, in fact, checking me out but were actually afraid I was going to eat them and were looking for the nearest escape route.

Yeah, no kidding... I had sideburns and my nose looked like it was trying to take over my face.  Oh, and I had multiple chins down to my collarbones.

But... as I close in on trimester #3, I have to say the most nagging symptom I'm suffering is boredom.  It's not that I'm not enjoying the pregnancy... there's been nothing to not enjoy so far, thankfully.  It's nothing to do with wanting to be skinny again (although that will be nice).  It's just boredom with pregnancy in general.  I pretty much know what to expect from here on out and I know that the 3rd trimester is for the most part like the 2nd one only I start going to the doctor more often and people start staring at me not because "Aw look, there's a pregnant woman," but more because "Oh Lord, I hope she doesn't get near an open flame!"

I'm just ready to get it over with and get my baby here.  I'm ready to be done with all-the-time doc's appointments.  I'm ready to get the whole c-section process and hospital stay over and done with.  I'm ready to learn the ropes with 2 kids and just get back to normal life again.

If there were such a thing as pregnancy senioritis, I think I have it.