19 March 2008


Made ya look... haha.

No really, my maternity clothes are OUT OF THE CLOSET! Completely. Well, ok... there's one pair of fat pants still in there because I forgot about them until I had totally taped up the box and I didn't want to re-do it, so I just put them waaaaay back in the catacombs so I'll never see them (and probably won't remember them the next time I need them, but oh well).

So, yeah... I also cleaned out all the stuff I never wear anymore and am sick of looking at. Aaaannnnd... you should see my sock drawer. I also finally went through my terrifying underwear drawer and threw away all the hooker-looking
things I wore in high school (had I any idea of the trashiness of which I was capable back then? Not the first clue, unfortunately...).

My little man was a complete and total angel the whole time I was doing this, but I kept him well entertained...

That pretty much sums up my productivity for the day... I'm so behind on laundry it's not even funny.