05 March 2008

Latest Creation

You guessed it... another scarf. Shocker, right?

I wasn't thrilled with the finished product, but it's an accomplishment regardless, right? It's basically 3 rows of double crochet rounded once with
shell stitches. If anybody's interested in the pattern, I can post it, but it's in a book that I bought so I don't know if it's technically legal to include it...

The book is...

...and it's pretty much amazing! (p.s. I have no idea why my font insists on changing, but I'm just gonna go with it). But yes, as far as I'm concerned, Debbie Stoller is a genius. My husband insists that I put the book away when his parents come over and really, I guess I could remove the cover, but that would take all the fun out of it now wouldn't it?

I also just bought its sister (and the original Stitch 'n' Bitch) book...

Which also seems to be a great book with all the charms of the crochet guide... it's just that, sadly, I am a retarded knitter (so far). I keep trying and am beginning to feel like that cock-eyed bird who repeatedly flies into the kitchen window regardless of curtains, tin foil, and even the occasional doily. Ugh. I really want to like to knit... really. But every time I try to hold needles in BOTH hands, I just want to use them to gouge out my eyes or something equally violent. I'm hoping that Miss Debbie will help me love it eventually... I SHANT GIVE UP!

That's all folks :-)