07 March 2008


So I finished reading my book...

...and I have to say that I liked it overall. There was quite a bit of it that I disagreed with (as you might have noticed by my earlier post), but there was quite a bit of it that really spoke to me, to coin a stupid, cliche little phrase. Besides that, I love LOVE the way this woman writes. I went and checked out another book that she wrote called The Last American Man, which is the biography of a man named Eustace Conway. Never heard of him. But I brought it home anyway hoping that it would at least be written in the same manner. We'll see.

Anyway, in the end, I guess you could say I liked Eat, Pray, Love in the same way that I like a field of flowers. The whole thing is beautiful and definitely fun to look at. Some of the flowers are nice to look at up close, but there are only a handful I'd pick and bring home with me. Was that maybe a little too oblique? Probably...

Anyway, so I brought that one book home with me from the library and a few others... an Anne Lamott book, as well as a couple of sewing books (since some schlepp checked out every last crochet book before I could get to them). The book I got that I'm reading now, though, is Into the Wild (by Jon Krakauer, whose name reminds me of the word sauerkraut), which I'd been interested in reading for a while.

Meanwhile, it's my hubby's b-day today! Happy birthday, Dave-o!

(that is a from-scratch pound cake, thank you very much, made by yours truly)