03 September 2009

2 years in the rearview...

September 4... two years ago... at 7:20 PM... I met my little man.

I fell in love instantly because... well, just look at this face!

And then I blinked and this happened...

I didn't give him permission to fly in on all that growing business, but we were singing Happy Birthday to him just the same.

I decided to never blink again.

But I did... and now we're singing Happy Birthday to him again. And he's all grown up and painting rockets...

And feeding french fries to ducks...

And stealing my heart over and over again.

Happy birthday, dear one!
You may be Daddy's big boy, but you'll always be Mama's baby.


Danno September 4, 2009 at 11:29 AM  

I like reading your posts. Even the ones that are overtly poignant. Do yourself a favor...don't blink anymore.