14 February 2009

some things I loved about v-day 2009

1. Sleeping late with a cuddly little boy.

2. Chocolate doughnuts for breakfast.

3. Lunch and lazy stuff-doing around town with my two favorite men in the world.

3 1/2. Lots and lots of little bump-bump-bumps from the inside.

4. Not rear-ending that person because GEEZ, I 'bout had a heart attack.

5. Feeling completely justified in spending way too much on balloons for the Kiddo because he loved them so much and spent a good portion of the evening playing with them.

6. Washing red paint off of his sippy cup after helping him make a V-day card for Mam-Ma and Poppy.

7. Being home all night with my sweet little family.


8. Oh, and a box of Russell Stovers and When Harry Met Sally didn't hurt anything either.