08 December 2010

random Christmas-movie-related trivia

Hi guys and dolls...

Having two sick kids in one week has afforded me a lot of time to sit around, hold my babies, and scour the internet for random information such as the following fascinating tidbit.

Anybody know what the three following flashy gals have in common? Other than being animated and sort of vintage-y...

Well... it just so happens that in the 1930s they were all voiced by this vaudeville actress...

Cute, huh? Her name is Mae Questel. Probably doesn't ring any bells, though, right?

What if I called her Aunt Bethany?

Yep... Aunt Bethany did Betty Boop. Interestingly, she also voiced Casper, Felix the Cat, and Little Audrey.

Told ya it was fascinating.

So long, Little Joe.