08 April 2008


Spring has arrived! Ok, ok... I know I shouldn't get too excited since we have about 14 false starts before warm weather actually sticks around for good. But I am anyway.

Because, oh my gosh... have you been outside? The grass is green and the sky is blue and the trees look all furry because they have little buds all over them. Phlox and forsythia and bradford pears are blooming. And have you even smelled the air? Ahhhh... I know it HAS to be better than Christmas.

I planted something today! I dug in the dirt and got it under my fingernails! Yesterday, I started seeds in 72 peat pellets and stuck a hydrangea in a pot to get started. It all just makes me happy.

Best of all (maybe not, but it was awfully fun), I busted out the
sidewalk chalk yesterday and decorated my driveway.